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5 Factors To Consider During Selection of School

Admission session will soon be on the head. A proper preparation is needed to shortlist the dream school
you wish to see your child into. We present you with the top factors that you should keep in mind while
selecting a school for your child.

1-Year of Establishment: The year of establishment is the first and foremost thing that you should consider.
A school that has maintained its reputation since a very long time will continue to do so if the management
stays. However a school which has recently established can also prove to be a good choice. These schools have
the spirit to compete with the already established one to set itself apart.

2-Locality: The school you select should be in the nearby locality. There will be times where you need to weigh
between the location and quality of education provided to your child. Travelling can prove to be the most draining
exercise for the child and the parent. A wise call based on your priorities is the need of the moment.

3-School Ratings: School ratings are a new concept. Traditionally colleges used to have a rating. It will not be
easy to find the school ratings. But it is always advisable to have a look at the school ratings so that you can
get a holistic view.

4-Parent/ Student/ Alumnus Reviews: Word Of Mouth has been the traditional approach. It is the network that has
been guiding you since now. A community like your office colleagues/ society residents in this case could be very
helpful. We are devoting our energy to find the best reviews for you to help you make an informed decision.

5-Extracurricular activities: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Extracurricular activities will play an
important role in shaping your child personality. Schools which have an extra focus on extra-currics are a price
catch. The child can devote at least a considerable time learning things before he/she grow his/her complete focus
on academics.

Think carefully about what you want before you inspect the list of schools. Write down the criteria and stick to
them rigidly. Also, realize that there is no perfect decision. Aiming for one or two school given the flood of
uncertainties and possibilities is a form of irrational perfectionism. Instead learn to have a good and informed
choice. We at Instichoose will provide you with the facts and views to help you in making one.

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5 Factors To Consider During Selection of School