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DPSKMUN 2016: A platform for BeingMUNique

In May 2015, a bunch of young minds thought of starting a Model United Nations Conference in their school and they not only managed to successfully organise the first ever session of Delhi Public School, Kalyanpur Model United Nations in August 2015 but also laid the stepping stone for MUNs in Kanpur by being the first school in the entire city to do so!

The conference being the first of its kind, was held on the 27th and 28th of August, 2015 and witnessed participation of around 25 school delegations from various cities including the ones from Jaipur, New Delhi, Mangalore, Digboi, Gwalior and Lucknow. About a hundred delegates became a part of the three committees that were simulated.The Economic and Social Council of the United Nations discussed the increasing problem of global economic polarization and came up with solutions to overcome the same. The United Nations Security Council devised new methods of combating the IS militant insurgency. And the last committee, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime came up with solutions to counter human trafficking with special emphasis on the Blue Heart Campaign. 

Steadfast participation from the delegates made the committees extremely interesting. All this was clearly an outcome of the zest and dedication of the inquisitive minds regarding matters of global concern.

Carrying forward the legacy, the school is going to organise yet another session of DPSKMUN on the 2nd and 3rd September, 2016 where more than 200 delegates from all over the country are expected to participate. 
This year, six committees shall be simulated, ranging from the traditional United Nation Councils to unconventional historic and futuristic committees which have numerous ardent debates and fulfilling intellectual discussions in store for everyone.
The entire team of DPSKMUN 2016 is working unceasingly to make sure that it turns out to be an enriching experience for everyone associated with it. 
For them, DPSKMUN is all about #BeingMUNique as the main reason behind this entire conference is to bring out the best in everyone and give them a chance to show how MUNique they are. 
Be it a delegate, an IP member or a chairperson, everyone has something that sets one apart from the others. So, the team has tried to provide all the participants with an amazing platform where they can meet new people, learn to see from new perspectives, develop some diplomatic fervor and above all make some unforgettable memories.

This effort of the vibrant students of the institution will ultimately serve as a stimulus for the nurturing of traits like awareness and responsibility amongst the youth towards the society and would definitely enable these leaders of tomorrow to attain the required leadership skills today so that they become informed global citizens in the near future!

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DPSKMUN 2016: A platform for BeingMUNique
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