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Gurgaon School Fee Hike Confusion

The Fee and Fund Regulatory Committee (FFRC) is not initiating the audit process against private schools this year due to the prevailing ambiguity over its role.

The confusion sprung up after the additional chief secretary (school education) PK Das allowed four city schools to hike fees by putting a stay on an order of the committee that was previously issued. The FFRC had stayed on May 2 any fee hike by nine schools till the final audit results were declared. It is currently auditing the nine schools in the wake of complaints against them filed by parents in the last academic session.

Consequently, the applications for the audit of 10 schools — including Ryan International, St Angels School, Sector 45, The Heritage, Scottish High International and Shiv Nadar School — is stuck for the current academic session. Parents have complained against these schools.

The names of the school whose fee hike is approved are not yet disclosed. Therefore it is advisable for the parents to select schools accordingly for the next admissions sessions. Parents can compare the fees with the previous year to make a wise decision.

Gurgaon School Fee Hike Confusion