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What Can Boarding School Offer Students

As the Chinese saying goes, “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime!” These days, it has become increasingly important to not only provide a child with ample scope for academic excellence in education but also a real world simulated environment so as to ensure his overall growth. And when it comes to choose an ideal adobe for this purpose, boarding schools offer numerous unparalleled advantages that cannot be looked down upon. The debate that whether a day school is better than the boarding one is ages old. However in recent times, most parents have started to realise the significance of boarding schools in providing high quality education along with the overall personality development of their children. We try to list various trademarks of such schools:


Boarding schools can contribute a plethora in grooming the personality of a student. Apart from inculcating a spirit of discipline and punctuality due to the strict rules and regulations, a sense of responsibility is also generated in the student. This proves to be beneficial not only in the field of academics but in each and every aspect of life. Students admitted to boarding schools from a very young age,quickly learn to be independent and obedient which instills maturity in them during their early years. The lessons of life they learn in such schools lay a solid foundation for their adulthood.

The ambience of one’s home, to a great extent, affects the way a child is brought up. A boarding school provides a similar surrounding to its students where they can learn and grow among their like-minded peers. Being away from home is not easy for a child, but he learns to deal with the highs and lows of life under the scrutiny of his mentors. It prepares students well for the unprecedented harsh life which they would ultimately witness in their later years. 


Moreover, boarders can take full advantage of the resources available to them which the day scholars can leverage only during the school timings. They can access the library and media stocks anytime and get themselves equipped with the knowledge that very few day scholars can get at their homes. Theatre, dance, music, fine arts, in short, anything and everything is a part of the opportunity which awaits them at boarding schools. They can take up any hobby and have better chances at excelling in those than their day school counterparts.

Some students who happen to be introverts learn to shed off that persona, become outspoken, prepare themselves for their future challenges and gradually fit in social groups. There are very few students who complain of being homesick as most of the boarding schools allow parents to meet their children on a periodic basis. The belief that boarding schools are too harsh on the students is wrong because it isn’t a prison where children are spanked for any wrongdoing. Their rules are just as firm as their belief in nurturing the development of their students instead of turning them into rebels by adopting any sort of harsh treatment.


As each coin has two faces, apart from a number of advantages there are also major concerns regarding a boarding school which need to be addressed. There have been situations where  parents are too busy in their lifestyle that they tend to run away from responsibilities of their kids and end up sending them away. Such children in most of the cases get detached from family and hesitate to express themselves. However, warmth and care from both the parents as well as the teachers is needed to help such children come out of such a situation.

While selecting a boarding school for their child, it is a necessity to check the security of the school as there have been numerous cases of security breaches in various places which tend to push students towards physical and mental trauma.

So, there is a dire need for school authorities to ensure an amiable secure environment for each child.


Many studies have stressed on the fact that children should stay in boarding schools as they are much closer to the faculty under whom the can learn immensely and enjoy facilities which help them hone their skills. Students learn to pursue their dreams staying together with numerous children under the same roof and sometimes end up making friends for life. Students instantly develop intrapersonal skills and a sense of leadership which is an outcome of the independent life they lead in a boarding school.

A boarding school is therefore an excellent source of learning various life skills. The opportunity to live in a community where one can explore oneself is necessary to get an upper hand in life. If leveraged to its best potential, a boarding school can turn out to be the ultimate boon in one’s life.

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What Can Boarding School Offer Students
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