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How School Shaped Careers of Famous Celebs

A child is that seed which germinates to become a grown individual, full of dreams, a desire to succeed and an optimism that promises to turn the impossible into possible! And where is this carefree and innocent childhood nurtured? From helping the child take his first steps outside his home to shaping his entire life, a school is that humble abode which is definitely the birthplace of his budding talent.

Be it the inquisitive young minds, the endless laughter, the little mischiefs or the lengthy lectures, the buzzing classrooms render unforgettable memories. Here we bring to you some of those lesser known pages of the school days of your favourites which surely left a deep impression on them and made their good old school days worth remembering!

AMITABH BACHCHAN: From occupying the front rows just behind the girls of their sister-school when they attended the chapel together on Sunday evenings and pass on the "love notes", to rushing to meet his favourite at their school bounday wall, Big B has done it all while studying at the Sherwood College, Nainital. However, his most precious memory remains the day when he participated in the School Play during his first year at Sherwood, only to end up winning the Kendal Cup for the Best Actor's Award. Who knew this boy would one day be referred to as the "Actor of the Millennium"!

SACHIN TENDULKAR: Changing his school to Shardashram Vidya Mandir, Mumbai and meeting Mr. Ramakant Achrekar (who became his cricket coach) proved to be a turning point of Sachin's life. While playing for his school, Sachin along with his buddy Vinod Kambli set a world record partnership of 664 runs. Such was the promise and prospect of this little boy that he went on to become the ultimate cricketing genius, "The God of Cricket".

SHAH RUKH KHAN: Apart from winning "the sword of honour" at St. Columba’s School, New Delhi and being a diligent scholar, SRK enjoyed his share of mischiefs too.
He once acted like he was having an epileptic attack in order to bunk a class. His acting was so realistic that the teacher allowed his friends to take him away and make him rest. Moreover,he often told his teachers that he would become a Bollywood Star someday who in turn, asked him to dream something realistic. Only if they knew, he was the King Khan in making.

SANIA MIRZA: Managing academics and her sport was a tedious task but Sania handled it well at the Nasr School, Hyderabad. It was during her school days that she began her tennis career by playing for her school in local tournaments, defeating older girls and boys by her tough shots. It was when she lifted those cups that her teachers and parents realised her true talent and with their support, she started off her journey towards becoming the Ace Tennis Star!

PRIYANKA CHOPRA: When she came back from U.S after three years, Priyanka got admitted to the Army Public School, Bareilley for the completion of her senior secondary education. During this period, she excelled in extra-curricular activities and won the "May Queen" beauty pageant after which she was pursued by admirers, leading her family to equip their home with bars for protection. While giving her 12th Board, she was supported by her family and school to participate in the Femina Miss India where she finished second, leading her to a win at the Miss World. Since then, there was no looking back for this self-made star.

ARNAB GOSWAMI: The journalist who is as loathed as he is loved is definitely impossible to ignore. His passionate debating has made his show a must watch with soaring TRPs and the huge fan following. However, this fiery debater gives the entire credit to Mt. St. Mary's School,  Delhi Cantt. where he got introduced to this skill by participating in various debating competitions. He once remarked,"I love debating so much that I can do it even in my sleep!" What helped him earn a little pocket money in school has now become the entire means of his livelihood.

Such is the significance of a school. Therefore, in today's era of extremely tough competition, it becomes necessary to choose the best school for a child. And we at INSTICHOOSE, are there to help you in doing so.
For the best way to predict a child's future is to create it. And what's better than starting off at the school!

How School Shaped Careers of Famous Celebs
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