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Five Trends Changing Learning at Schools

Recent years have changed the teaching ideologies like never before. It is really important to understand these changes and to know whether the school your little genius is going to, has catched-up with these trends.
We have curated the top 5 trends that are contributing to changes in learning methodologies in school.

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Online education

Learning is no longer restricted to the bounds of a classroom. A curious student can use the power of Internet to satiate her hunger for knowledge. Lately, various such internet resources have come up which provide quality as well as comfort of accessing it anytime and anywhere. These include online courses with complete material and tests, online educational repositories for reference, YouTube videos by teachers for lessons and demonstrations, etc. which are an aid to both students and teachers in schools. Best part is many of them are free and easily discoverable.

Technology in class

While online resources help, technology has also permeated the physical classroom space. The latest technology has made it possible for the teachers to effectively communicate concepts using live demonstrations and models empowered by technology. This has changed the way students are taught. This complements the traditional textbook efforts and leads to a better learning experience for the student which is beneficial and enriching.

Constant connectivity

With the advent of modern communication services, school education has moved beyond annual Parent-Techer meetings and performance reviews. Now, parents have unprecedented access to information about school (like facilities and events) and classroom performance of their child. Being a technology-enabled school is a differentiator in today’s environment as parents do recognize the benefits of this connectivity and communication with schools.

Acknowledgement of individual differences

Parents today have become far more accepting of their child’s interests as opposed to earlier times. They understand that a child need not excel in academics only, to be achieve success, to be called a prodigy. Other forms of creativity like arts and crafts, dancing, singing, theatre, public speaking etc. have started to gain recognition that hasn’t been seen before. This wide range of activities now need to be taken care of by the schools in order to make that learning experience holistic for a child.

Interaction based learning

The most important change today understands that a child cannot learn in isolation. From classroom to homes, children are provided with everything to fuel their imagination. In order to create young insightful minds, the schools now opt for a methodology that incorporates systematic peer interaction and technology interaction along with traditional classes. This peer-based learning is also accompanied by an increased attention given to individual students.

Let us know if you have other such trends which are great for students and schools should adopt.

Five Trends Changing Learning at Schools
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